Copyright and Media Law

Our clients range from creative individuals such as authors, designers, photographers, artists as well as cartographers and programmers to exploiters of their work such as publishing houses, advertising agencies, galleries, software companies, film producers and media companies. The crux of this area is copyright which is undergoing a constant and rapid development in the modern information society. At the same time, creators and rights owners now find themselves much more vulnerable to infringement due to the new conditions borne of the Internet.

We help our clients in the correct construction of all contractual agreements related to copyright. Our work is primarily in contractually securing the exploitation of copyright-protected works and other material. In the case of copyright infringements through reproductions, distortions and plagiarisms, we assert the rights of our clients both in and out of court. On the other side, we protect our clients from unfounded claims against them.

Authors, publishing houses and media companies are also active within the field of media law which covers areas of life with a pronounced publicity side. Success and attention in today’s media requires considerable financial outlay and carries a high level of risk of being subject to claims. We advise media companies on the planning and implementation of their business activities. This begins with financing and includes the many various legal relationships to those involved in the creative process. We represent media companies as well as affected individuals in the area of conflict between reports in all types of media (press, radio, Internet) and the protection of personal rights.