Banking and Capital Market Law

The knowledge and experience we gained in negotiations with banks as part of the restructuring of nonperforming real estate investments, led to us becoming increasingly involved in preventative measures in the financing of companies. In light of the sometimes painful experiences of our clients, we recommend alternative financing concepts alongside bank financing when strengthening the equity base.

When entering into financing negotiations, the later position of the borrower should a crisis emerge should be considered in respect of securities (e.g. drafting declaration of purpose), transferability of outstanding loan payments to third parties, diversification of the overall financing and the person of the borrower and so on.

It is our aim to enable our clients to access capital markets whilst taking into account the considerable new regulations, in particular Securities Trading Law and Prospectus Law.

In addition, we advise financial services providers and structure their dynamically developing financial instruments according to relevant regulations. Derivatives, futures, options, CFDs, forex trading and the risks and costs directly associated with these products which our clients should be made aware of are the subject of our work, in particular in respect of the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID).