Biotechnology and the so-called health sciences are a further expertise of our law firm. We assume responsibility within the European Network for Regenerative Medicine for the area of regulation. The recent groundbreaking achievements in medical and biotechnological research have presented legislators with new challenges – an end to the regulations is not in sight.

Our clients are primarily inventors and as such company founders. They often come from the field of natural sciences.

Our work thus covers employee invention law and the legal framework of technology transfers from university to industry. The main issue is bringing the legally protected invention into a business venture for which financing must be secured. In order to obtain (venture) capital and public funding, a suitable business form must be created in accordance with company law.

We advise our clients on working together with the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of medical products. A key element, when working with major companies, is securing the inventor’s and consultant’s share of the exploitation of the results of such cooperation arrangements.

The field of life sciences enables our firm to combine its expertise in commercial and company law, as well as intellectual property, especially effectively.