Employment Law

Our clients hire employees but are also employed themselves as managers and directors. We can advise you in matters of employment law and civil service law. We clarify all legal questions related to the initial employment right through to its eventual termination.

Businesspeople want their companies to work and as such seek swift, pragmatic solutions for their key resource – their workers. The large number of existing rules must remain manageable. Efficient solutions must be sought whilst recognising the restrictions inherent in existing regulations – at times quite a fine line.

We structure employment contracts and other employee agreements. Furthermore, we remain on hand to advise on any issues arising from the employer-employee relationship such as the payment of continued remuneration, payment in lieu of holiday, effectiveness of fixed-term contracts, working time regulation, non-competition provisions and confidentiality agreements. We are in a position to advise you, in connection with the termination of employment relationships, on the best solution in respect of general and special dismissal protection legislation as well as, where applicable, the involvement of a works council. We can conduct and advise on dismissal protection proceedings as well as other (status) cases.