We advise businesspeople on shaping their companies, helping them to organise the internal set up of their venture as well as their activities in the marketplace. Company law structures their enterprise whilst commercial law governs purchasing and sales. Intellectual property law secures their competitive advantage whilst environmental law and product and occupational safety regulations determine the production process. The latter cannot be achieved without employees thus not without employment law.

A business opportunity also represents the risk of a future crisis. Our firm advises management in how to handle such a crisis taking into account all relevant company law, liability law and not least criminal law considerations.

Herbst | Bröcker also boasts comprehensive knowledge in the field of real estate law. We provide advice covering all aspects from the acquisition, planning and construction to the marketing and letting of a property.

The members of our law firm enjoy working together and share the common belief that one should always be striving to produce the best solution, the perfect organisation and the most convincing writ. We represent the interests of our clients with passion, especially when we endeavour to be a corrective and moderating influence. We constantly scrutinise ourselves to ensure our service maintains the balance between legal finesse and keeping in touch with reality.